Experienced Law Enforcement Officer

1991-1993            Florida Department of Corrections

                                       - Correctional Officer

                              - Correctional Officer Sergeant

1993-1997             Wauchula Police Department

                                         - Patrolman

1997- Present       Hardee County Sheriff's Office

                                         - Deputy Sheriff

                                         - Field Training Officer

                                         - Agricultural Deputy

                                         - K-9 Deputy (Bloodhound)

                                         - Detective, Criminal Investigations Division

                                         - Detective, Special Investigations Division

2005                                - Promoted to Rank of Sergeant of the Special

                                           Investigations Unit. (Drug Task Force)

January 2015                 - Promoted to the Rank of Administrative


                                                     Supervised the following divisions:

                                                               - Criminal Investigations Division

                                                               - Special Investigations Division

                                                               - Civil Process and Court Security


                                                               - Warrants Division

                                                               - Communications/Dispatch Division

October 2015                - Promoted to the Rank of Captain / Chief Deputy

                                                      Assumed command of all law enforcement

                                                      operations for the Hardee County Sheriff's


April 2019                      - Promoted to the Rank of Major / Chief Deputy

                                                      Continued to command all law enforcement

                                                      operations and took command of the

                                                      Detention Division